Sunday, June 14, 2009

Our Baby Boy turns 6!!

We are so pleased & truly blessed that our baby boy, Nathaniel is now 6!

What an accomplishment to have him in our lives. This was our first year without a "birthday party" although we were able to celebrate it with Nana & Grandpa, which was wonderful.

Miss Callie took Nathaniel & Isabel to Up and they enjoyed it which was wonderful and we went t dinner to Pizza Hut which Nathaniel enjoyed. He chose the SCOOTER for his birthday present which he had daddy put together and rode in the living room before bed...he was SO eXCiTEd!

He got cake & ice cream and it topped off our great birthday celebration!

Happy Birthday Nathaniel James Bejarano!!

2nd Annual - Show Low Days for The Pampered Chef

Thanks to my new friend and great friend Sandra THE PAMPERED CHEF CONSULTANT!

We set up for Show Low Days....

tent up... product out ... people wandering...

questions being asked... selling, selling, and MORE selling

Shy Shell broken by wonderful, beautiful and BRAVE Sandra!

She can sell as she believes and uses our fabulous product.

What else can I say other than I am SO PROUD OF YOU!

Bikes 2009

Wednesday June 10, 2009 Nathaniel took off on his bike without training wheels and so excited kept going. He is doing great and thanks all to daddy for the encouragement and his turning 6! What a milestone, June 2nd he turned six receiving the scooter which he got on and went right away with one wheel in front of another... ROLL ON SHALL WE SAY, he doesn't want to stop or take breaks. He has been a couple times around the block which is pushing it although he feels like the freedom should be there ...he's still our little baby boy, growing up way to quickly. Proud parents we are...

So, yes little sister had to watch and cheer him on! She's so cute and wanted to be just like brother so we allowed her to try the tricycle & all the safety gear too! He used to ride and loved just the preparation as her little legs don't quite reach the pedals... all SMILES~!

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Camping Trip 09'

We headed up near Big Lake to join family and friends!
It was so worth it even though it rained and hailed...
Had many conversations...
Watched the children be crazy & have a blast...

Laughed at the goings on...

Warmed up by the campfire...

Friday, May 8, 2009

Think PINK in May!

The Pampered Chef has made May a Cancer Awareness month with PINK available with shopping made simple 24 hours 7 days a week at my personal website! Any PINK items that are purchased from May 1-31 $1 is donated to America Cancer Society and we need the education and support from all so check out these HAVE TO HAVE it PINK! From just a little to a lot, remember it is assisting one that we love and know going through a tough time and this is one way of supporting all!

Think PINK...

Shop PINK...

Bake PINK...

Scrape PINK...

Entertain in PINK...

Dry with PINK ...

In Loving memory of Mary Bejarano with ongoing prayers and strength for Andy & Martin. Survivors such as the Lovely Barbara & go GIRLS!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Birthday Celebration!

Thanks to the family for such a great fun birthday celebration.
Wow! 34 & loving life like no tomorrow...

The hot tub was so much more popular than pool as it was a bit cool.

Ice Cream Cake was a hit, for sure!

Sunday, March 8, 2009


We all get caught up in getting up and ready for work each and every day, right?
The children up and ready for school and/or babysitter, right?
Family is what life is all about so when did our lives get so busy?
We somehow allowed family moments to get sucked into the whirlwind of hectic schedules with like crazy tornadoes nearly dwindle away. So, James & I decided...NO, let's take a step back and reasses life. We are in MAJOR need to take a breath and enjoy our precious blessing we are so proud of OUR FAMILY!!
Early to rise The Bejarano's were on Saturday morning....
We're out the door minutes after 4 on the road to "enjoying our happiness"
Laughing at the little snores in the back, listening the small breaths right before Nathaniel & Isabel awoke in their carseats...hoping for OPEN IMAGINATIONS from all of us with all the wonderful animals God provided for us to use our great senses. What a gift!

We entered the zoo and they could have been happy watching the ducks and turtles out front for hours although it was like their eyes grew to size of baseballs seeing each and every animal. WOW!! Amazement and it was a wonderful experience. We couldn't have been happier. We were there when it opened until 2:30ish...Imagine hearing the sounds from all the people around us, the animals surrounding us, feeling the happiness throughout, touching the fences, tasting the air, seeing all the amazing opportunity within the Zoo in front of us, WOWZA~~
They had a wonderful time and Isabel walked most of the time being right alongside brother... wanting to push the stroller with nothing but her lil' singing doggy in it. FUN, FUN...What a moment it was for James & I with the children. Very relaxed and amazed to see OUR CHILDREN enjoying the little things in life... still amazed that we are so bless with two healthy growing children. THANK YOU GOD!! each and every spare moment we think it silently I believe...
They napped well of course, ate great and shall be shooting in the sky with some more inches I do believe. We made it a fun weekend staying at the Matazal Casino Hotel which was open, spacious, relaxing and what fun to just hang out. The little moments in life make LARGE STEPPING STONES THRU LIFE with memories for a lifetime!

The Ride home...

Friday, January 2, 2009

Let's SHINE in 2009!

New Years Day and what are we doing? Just hanging out being lazy cuz Daddy has the day off and we just want to play with everything we've received for Christmas. The tree is down and decorations put away well except for the bells on the front door...OOPS mommy forgot them. They can stay a bit longer. We all got ready for a drive. Nathaniel's great idea of thinking long and hard of what can we do and who can we see, just like mommy busy as a bee! Let's go feed the ducks... and we head off grabbing the bread we have load up in the car. Daddy is dropped off for an hour at the gameland for him enjoying quiet time I am sure. While he is there I take the children and we go visit Nina & Nino with Jacqueline & Nicolas! Nicolas is napping and Nino, too! That's cool as Nathaniel, Isabel, Jacqueline start playing with a new laptop he (Nathaniel) received from Nina & Nino and heads over to the play room. All of a sudden we hear footprints going back and forth, playing, laughing and giggling. WHAT!? Nino & Nicolas woke up...YEAH!! More was great to visit with my best friend, Theresa and just for a bit as I am always running late. Yes, we headed to pick up daddy although our time was fun chit-chatting and children playing is always greatness! So, we head and pick up daddy to head for the ducks. Rainbow lake was full and the ducks were afloat and on ice! Their stomachs never let them down the minute we opened the car doors they flocked over. Here are some memorable moments Nathaniel got a bit frightened of the taller ones trying to get the bread so he threw a slice at them and that didn't work. He figured it out. Isabel enjoyed them and the taller one was bugging her she knocked him on the head and he left her alone so she could enjoy them well. A great New Years Day!

A stay at the Arvallo's = 100% Memorable

Isabel is here posing in her Christmas Dress in Nina & Nino's home. We were able to stay here for our majority of our vacation. It was quiet and LOUD, full of ACTION with Isaac, Marcelina, Nathaniel, Olivia & Isabel running about. Boss & Sunny even enjoyed us there we could tell by the way they were barking telling us what to do and how to do it! Thank you Monica & Lujan for allowing us to stay, it was great fun. Craziness is what vacation is all about although we didn't have much. Just the usual Nathaniel couldn't wait to be around Isaac and than within minutes of laughing Nathaniel crying and back into the mix again. Isabel thinks she's just a little bit older playing with the girls and following the boys. She tumbled off Isaac's bed...YES, yes...I know. I even made a barrier and again she did, talk about feeling bad about falling asleep! 2 times with a fat lip we managed to keep her secured the next couple of nights although she still managed to have lots of laughter and fun with all of her cousins. Thanks Isaac, Marcelina & Olivia for sharing your room with us...we really do appreciate it. So this is the only moment that our two little ones dressed up and posed for a few pictures before Nathaniel being the lil 5 1/2 year old he is wanting to get into "cool" clothes with his skater/roller shoes that Santa brought. They are more like moon shoes with roller skate bottoms vs. Heely's he wanted although only we know the difference. The picture came out a bit dark although my camera was on the fritz so I am thankful for my cell phone which does rather well, I must say. Right before we left while Nathaniel & Isaac were playing with their Lego's assembling them Monica & I started some unfinished baking. He.He.Ha.Ha My orbitz didn't turn out like they were supposed, more like deer poo! The filling was great, though! Monica's fudge was in the works while we headed out. Lujan & Monica enjoyed the Lego's while the children watched and couldn't wait for the finished product! They turned out great while Olivia shared her Dora's Cashiering Setup with Marcelina and Isabel. Running all over playing while listening to Marcelina's Bratz movie was pretty great. All the comotion and craziness made it even better! So, all of us went as a family to the movies which was quite a task. Isabel normally doesn't sit well through the movies unless asleep well we found her pal, POPCORN! Chet and the boys headed to see another one and ended up back at Nana's for fun of their own. James, Myself, Nathaniel, Isabel, Monica, Olivia, Nana, Grandpa, JoAnn, Joey, Maranda, Niki, Grace & Jamie we all got to enjoy a great movie. Suprisingly to me viewing the movie withouth preview it was AWESOME! Great memories again THANK YOU Monica, Lujan, Isaac, Marcelina & Olivia for sharing your home with us and making us feel like we were home.

3 Favorite Moments of Christmas 2008

1. Family Being Together ...ALL OF US!
2. Memories being made, JoAnn a $90+ Winner at LCR
3. Live, Love & Laugh...I think we did it all

Christmas 2008

Let's see it all started with the birth of Christ, setting a moment for all to love & adore. Each and everyday is such a blessing with little gifts each moment, we just have to seek them out often finding them right in front of us. Tiny laughters, soft shed tears, joyous smiles, quiet moments...this is what I truly appreciate about Christmas. Memories being made each second like it's our, laugh and LOVE!

...what a delightful way to share the spirit of Christmas being with the ones you love and cherish! Different directions our lives are entangle with work, friends, activities and schedules although when it came to Christmas this year for us Bejarano's it was GREAT! All of us were able to travel and be together as ONE HAPPY FAMILY at JoAnn's home. All of Us under one roof. THANK YOU for our wonderful blessing of a family and able to enjoy it together.