Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The Bejarano Boys!

James is the boy that caught her eye and stole her heart...

My love for him grows fonder each day...didn't think that was possible, it is!

Nathaniel is the one that has embedded footprints in both, James & I hearts...

Growing up and wowZa I think...he's got so much personality and we are SO proud of him!

Thank YOU for my Bejarano BoyZ!

vRoom vRoom ...Racing Days

Ol' Number 47!

Let's see if I can recall some great facts...

1. James #47 with Speedy Gonzales raced his heart out and ended in top a few times!

2. Dave Yeager #77 with The Green Martian raced with heart and love, enjoying all around!

3. Matt Jackling #88 lil purple car raced like no tomorrow,

this is before he promoted to the big boy racing, "Late Models"!
4. Larry "Bondo" unable to recall his number although bondo came off each race!

5. Dave Hall among the 5 I've listed above would stand together as one, enjoying the race!

Wow! I remember we'd start out early in the evening right before the sun went down loading up the trailer with the car and making sure we had our last minute items. We'd hop into the RED S10 pulling the trailer while getting pumped up listening to Seven Mary Three "Cumbersome" and others just to plaster the adrenalin in our hearts ready to go! We'd all be lined up and ready to enter the fence. All unloading with most helping eachother. It was than where I met Danielle, Dennis, Donny, Sweet Jennie and Diane Yeager...that was what back in 1995 or 1996! Great few years we had together... I can remember us all laughing, yelling, hoping and yes we were on the "edges of our seats", most of the time. James having flats, Dave getting the last pin on the hood, Matt ready to rock n' roll, Dave Hall just cruzing out there like time was endless, Larry speeding up there at the last minute ready to rare like a horse being with reigns pulled back! The times were great and for all of this I am THANKFUL! Sounds crazy although those were the days that made us the people we are today and great friends. How many of us had made friends with Mark Henderson at Center Tire, thanks to the "Hoosier Tires"? Gassing up right before and after the races. Driving home with the adrenalin racing through our veins just keeping us up to do this and that? Fun, is what I remember about it all...

This is the picture of James & Vidal out in the pits right in between racing...good ol' times

Late nights waiting for stats, loading up, talking of what went on, what was going to happen next time, and as the night grew darker, the dust settled down, the trailers moved on out...that's what FRIENDSHIP and working together is all ABOUT!

Thanks guys...vRoom vRoom

My Best Friend

I never meant to love you,
it happened quite by chance,
I wanted just to be your friend,
not to start a new romance.
But something happened suddenly,
before my heart could know,
I came to know a side of you,
that caused my love to grow.
The tender way you touched me,
I pray will never end,
a miracle of circumstance,
my lover, my best friend!
"Author Unknown"

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Fall 2008

"Bejarano Business"

With the fall season upon us, we are like mother nature.
Like she layers the ground with pine needles, leaves to
Warm up for the crisp cold coming upon us. We do, too!
It's time to break out the long sleeves, pants, and jackets!

Starting with James. He still enjoys both his day &
Evening job. During the day he is still repairing each &
Every vehicle that rolls into his stall. The smiles still there,
When he's closing the ol' toolbox & hops into his ol' 1967
Ford Truck to drive home. Evening rolls around & his
Passion, a father begins as soon as he walks thru the door.
A loving husband & daddy are just part of his title.

Brenda, still active as a Pampered Chef Consultant,
Bunco playing as well as staying home doing the
Cooking, cleaning & caring for our lil' blessings. It's
Happiness & I love it!

Nathaniel, he is growing and enjoying life. His days
In school have just begun with much learning, counting,
Singing & saying these phrases that makes our eyes shine.
What a joy as a son as well as a big brother, "D"!

Isabel, she is full of life with her little legs a walking slowly
& quickly at times not to miss out on anything. She loves
Waving goodbye to all that pass by, her eyes so bright,
Full of learning, and new discoveries, too! A younger sister
& daughter is her title proudly worn with a sweet sincere smile.

Sparky, he loves sleeping & laying out during the day
In the warm sun. He is joyfully tugged on, hugged on &
Used as a toy by the children. Love of life = Sleep!
Every 3 months, 1 month late with new pictures,
Sorry for being late although there it is our
Autumn/Fall 2008 Updated!

God Bless with Love,

James, Brenda, Nathaniel, Isabel & Sparky Bejarano