Sunday, March 29, 2009

Birthday Celebration!

Thanks to the family for such a great fun birthday celebration.
Wow! 34 & loving life like no tomorrow...

The hot tub was so much more popular than pool as it was a bit cool.

Ice Cream Cake was a hit, for sure!

Sunday, March 8, 2009


We all get caught up in getting up and ready for work each and every day, right?
The children up and ready for school and/or babysitter, right?
Family is what life is all about so when did our lives get so busy?
We somehow allowed family moments to get sucked into the whirlwind of hectic schedules with like crazy tornadoes nearly dwindle away. So, James & I decided...NO, let's take a step back and reasses life. We are in MAJOR need to take a breath and enjoy our precious blessing we are so proud of OUR FAMILY!!
Early to rise The Bejarano's were on Saturday morning....
We're out the door minutes after 4 on the road to "enjoying our happiness"
Laughing at the little snores in the back, listening the small breaths right before Nathaniel & Isabel awoke in their carseats...hoping for OPEN IMAGINATIONS from all of us with all the wonderful animals God provided for us to use our great senses. What a gift!

We entered the zoo and they could have been happy watching the ducks and turtles out front for hours although it was like their eyes grew to size of baseballs seeing each and every animal. WOW!! Amazement and it was a wonderful experience. We couldn't have been happier. We were there when it opened until 2:30ish...Imagine hearing the sounds from all the people around us, the animals surrounding us, feeling the happiness throughout, touching the fences, tasting the air, seeing all the amazing opportunity within the Zoo in front of us, WOWZA~~
They had a wonderful time and Isabel walked most of the time being right alongside brother... wanting to push the stroller with nothing but her lil' singing doggy in it. FUN, FUN...What a moment it was for James & I with the children. Very relaxed and amazed to see OUR CHILDREN enjoying the little things in life... still amazed that we are so bless with two healthy growing children. THANK YOU GOD!! each and every spare moment we think it silently I believe...
They napped well of course, ate great and shall be shooting in the sky with some more inches I do believe. We made it a fun weekend staying at the Matazal Casino Hotel which was open, spacious, relaxing and what fun to just hang out. The little moments in life make LARGE STEPPING STONES THRU LIFE with memories for a lifetime!

The Ride home...