Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Winter wonderland...

Sleigh bells ring, are you listening,
In the lane, snow is glistening
A beautiful sight,
We're happy tonight.
Walking in a winter wonderland.

Gone away is the bluebird,
Here to stay is a new bird

He sings a love song,

As we go along,

Walking in a winter wonderland.

In the meadow we can build a snowman,

Then pretend that he is Parson Brown

He'll say: Are you married?
We'll say: No man,
But you can do the job
When you're in town.
Later on, we'll conspire,
As we dream by the fire
To face unafraid,
The plans that we've made,
Walking in a winter wonderland.
In the meadow we can build a snowman,
And pretend that he's a circus clown
We'll have lots of fun with mister snowman,
Until the other kids knock him down.
When it snows, ain't it thrilling,
Though your nose gets a chilling
We'll frolic and play,
the Eskimo way,
Walking in a winter wonderland.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Little America

Well we did it. We headed to Little America and set our tradition in order of getting us into the Christmas Spirit.

(Left)This picture is in the hallway of Little America which we stayed in Lodge 1 facing the beautifully lit up forest with trees covered in lights of all colors. (Right) The room so comfy and cozy...oohlala!

It was so WONDERFUL and great, the 1st time we had it snow on us therefore our pictures have the snow in all of them. Plus, I am not that great with the camera although I'd like to think I am. (Left) If you look closely you'll see Nathaniel amongst the deer and Isabel heading over to touch them. (Right) This is the gingerbread house that the children have to go and touch the gingerbread children like they are ALIVE! This was right outside our room, this year well we'd have to leave the balcony although closer than we'd ever been.

Nathaniel loved that he could move the small benches at the end of the beds around to the peep hole and see out the room to the hallway. That was great excitement for him. Isabel found her excitement in the nightstand in between the beds. Loving the little details right down to turn down service!
So, this is our family SNOW picture of our stay at Little America, Flagstaff 2008! We sure enjoyed it and hopefully you can too...check out the gorgeous light display available from day after Thanksgiving until New Years!!
I commonly take a picture of us right before we leave, showing that we stayed there and how blessed we were having jobs and love to allow us to stay another great year with Little America and their wonderful staff!

The bELVEjarano Dance!

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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The little voice in the house...

So, the littlest person and voice in the house is excited about the snow as well. She sees brother getting all bundled up and ready to go out. She repeats, "out, out, out?" I just think she's so little and allow her to watch from the window and she is happy as can be. She grabs her heavy jacket and I put it on. She walks around with it on and loves it. I take it off and the little voice is gone. "AHH...AHHH..."at the top of her little lungs. If you could see her lungs they would be puffed out she is nearly screaming! So, I put it back on and than a moment later she removes it on her own. Little squeaky toy, we call her and that sums up our ISABEL. So, I let her watch and watch she enjoys it. Looking at the snow is great fun for her. As we head out to do during the day to do errands and you see this little girl squatting to touch and feel the snow. Hmmm...she thinks and on with her walking. Like that is what all the fuss is about. Sweet and sincere with a LOT of personality...Isabel Marie!

Nathaniel's SNOW DAY!!

Sleeping in late...daddy's gone from home and already left for work. Slowly waking up Nathaniel asks "Mom...is it the weekend?" I answer, "no it snowed last night." He bounces up so that he may see out the window from his bed and than out he goes into the living room proclaiming, "Yeah...let's go play!" I let him know that school is 2 hours late so maybe after practicing our see and say it words we can. He heads off to the shower, gets dressed, eats and ready to go now. I let him bundle up to go play. He runs out to run in the snow and make his own tracks and make his snow angel. Later he drags out the snow shovel and shovels a little bit of the driveway. He comes in after getting that out of his system. He is ready to enjoy the Hot Chocolate with Marshmallows! He often says, "well the sun is out melting the snow...are we going to the bus now?" I answer, "no once school is called it should go back tomorrow." Nathaniel just thinks for some moments and says, "hmmm okay!" Fun, Fun for the day...it later continues after mom's errands, too! Yeah for snow days.

~1st in December~

The arrival of our 1st Snow in December...wasn't it delightful? We sure enjoyed waking up with everything looking so new, crisp and fresh. We probably got over 3 inches blanketing the earth to warm the ground and the crisp air was everywhere. I love the snow!! I have been in the past to say, "if it's going to be cold it should just rain or SNOW!" Well it looks as mother nature heard more than I & gave us the gift of natural beauty at its best!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

10 years ago...

I can't believe that it was 10 years ago that we celebrated our marriage. Wow, how our family has changed and grown. It is simply amazing to see the wonderful blessings we have had come in and around our lives. If you could only see us now...next family picture will be in June 09 and it is going to be filled with hotties and everyone looking FINE! As you can see our Great Grandma Bel & Vera are in the pictures although currently watching over us all from the glorious skies with clouds above. Our angels among us in body and soul. Monica & Lujan with Isaac, Marcelina & Olivia. Grace, Chet with her Jamie, Cody, Matt & Nich! Joann, Joey, Maranda & Niki 2 of our 3 flowergirls pictures and they are now TEENAGERS! Jimmy & Maxine, James' parents whom are now both retired and enjoying the grandchildren while travelling and visiting their favorite places. My dad, is semi-retired enjoying all the GOLF & CARDINAL games he can possibly get in. James & I, now have Nathaniel & Isabel. Just fabulous family is no matter how mad you get at someone, or how little you see them in our HEARTS they shall remain strong as can be with more love than we can ever show. I love you all!

Little Blessings R Growing UP!

This was back in July when our little girls were little BABY girls! Can you believe they are OVER 1 years old now and healthy, happy and loving little ladies...what blessings are great!

Here's also our BIG BOYS...they have both changed as well because they are now growing into fine young handsome hotties! Here's Nathaniel & Nicolas, the best godbrothers alive! (in MY eyes anyway). Nathaniel & Nicolas reading together in Nina's (moms) playroom!

Friday, December 5, 2008

A mess = new DO!

A mess...through and true...Sheesh it's been FOREVER since I have done anything with this mess up top of my shoulders! It was time and last month was a bit rough so I thought....OUT with the OLD and in with the NEW!

This morning I started by cleaning out two of my lower cabinets trashing at least one bag full of TRASH and collecting one bag full of DONATIONS with lots of thanks to my little helpers Nathaniel & Isabel. I also have to give thanks to The Pampered Chef for making such great quality tools and products that I have now and use on a daily basis. WOWZA, for all of you that know me and I didn't in the past really care to cook or spend time in the kitchen unless I was baking, eating or MAKING reservations! Being an Independent Consultant has done me wonders. I can do things more efficiently and hardly any clean up is what I love. So, a huge bag of DONATIONS of kitchen items heads to the thrift shop for those who need. I still can't believe that I am such a PACKRAT with stuff I know I haven't used for a long period of time.
With all that said, I highlighted my hair this morning to a light blonde and glazed it with Auburn Brown. Went to the cosmo school and got it cut as well. I love it blended with shortly stacked at the bottom, small amount of layers up front and the color actually, I LOVE IT! It changes me and makes me happy... James has seen it and also likes it. GOOD AFTERNOON WORLD, happiness, brightness, and positive thoughts and changes shall come forward from hear on out...in with the HAPPY & BRIGHT me with a more manageable DO!
So, you can barely view the auburn brown highlights...they are bright in the sun and that is just what I wanted something subtle enough not to appear drastic although on the flip side of that coin when the sun is out you can view my personality through the VIBRANT color! Tell me what YOU think! Smiles at you and til later (((hugs))) to you all!

Thursday, December 4, 2008


Isabel bears the {{{brrr}}}cold here on the White Mountains waiting with Nathaniel at his bus stop. Nearly 29-31 degrees out side, the children all bundled up. Awaiting in the early morning sun we are up and going for all the FUN!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

"Little America Resort" Flagstaff, Arizona

Yes we are going on our 13 year tradition of heading to Little America in Flagstaff. It has been a fun shopping trip for James & I right after we started dating back in 1995. Here we are in the year 2008 going on our 13th year with our own family. It is going to be just as fun as it was back in 1995. We head upto Flagstaff and stay in a cozy room enjoying the property packed with lights. Last year we had Isabel as a baby and couldn't really walk about with her being so little although this year will be much fun as we as a family will be able to walk the entire Acre property checking out their gorgeous light display. Each and nearly every Pine Tree branch is wrapped in gorgeous Christmas Lights of every color displaying scenes and fun things throughout the entire property making you feel the Christmas Spirit Wind blows through you. We shall do our Christmas shopping while watching their light parade. If you haven't experienced this is a moment you should take a drive to Flagstaff in the evening time and share the experience with your family and possibly start your own tradition! This is definately our family tradition and we have hopes to share for many, many years to come! This is the Candy Cane Lane that leads you to the entrance of the Gingerbread House. Happy December! So we head off as The Bejarano Family of 4 on December 13th, 2008...it's going to be GREAT! Pictures will come...

Check it out and just go for a drive...you'll be enlightened. Here's the website:


Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The Bejarano Boys!

James is the boy that caught her eye and stole her heart...

My love for him grows fonder each day...didn't think that was possible, it is!

Nathaniel is the one that has embedded footprints in both, James & I hearts...

Growing up and wowZa I think...he's got so much personality and we are SO proud of him!

Thank YOU for my Bejarano BoyZ!

vRoom vRoom ...Racing Days

Ol' Number 47!

Let's see if I can recall some great facts...

1. James #47 with Speedy Gonzales raced his heart out and ended in top a few times!

2. Dave Yeager #77 with The Green Martian raced with heart and love, enjoying all around!

3. Matt Jackling #88 lil purple car raced like no tomorrow,

this is before he promoted to the big boy racing, "Late Models"!
4. Larry "Bondo" unable to recall his number although bondo came off each race!

5. Dave Hall among the 5 I've listed above would stand together as one, enjoying the race!

Wow! I remember we'd start out early in the evening right before the sun went down loading up the trailer with the car and making sure we had our last minute items. We'd hop into the RED S10 pulling the trailer while getting pumped up listening to Seven Mary Three "Cumbersome" and others just to plaster the adrenalin in our hearts ready to go! We'd all be lined up and ready to enter the fence. All unloading with most helping eachother. It was than where I met Danielle, Dennis, Donny, Sweet Jennie and Diane Yeager...that was what back in 1995 or 1996! Great few years we had together... I can remember us all laughing, yelling, hoping and yes we were on the "edges of our seats", most of the time. James having flats, Dave getting the last pin on the hood, Matt ready to rock n' roll, Dave Hall just cruzing out there like time was endless, Larry speeding up there at the last minute ready to rare like a horse being with reigns pulled back! The times were great and for all of this I am THANKFUL! Sounds crazy although those were the days that made us the people we are today and great friends. How many of us had made friends with Mark Henderson at Center Tire, thanks to the "Hoosier Tires"? Gassing up right before and after the races. Driving home with the adrenalin racing through our veins just keeping us up to do this and that? Fun, is what I remember about it all...

This is the picture of James & Vidal out in the pits right in between racing...good ol' times

Late nights waiting for stats, loading up, talking of what went on, what was going to happen next time, and as the night grew darker, the dust settled down, the trailers moved on out...that's what FRIENDSHIP and working together is all ABOUT!

Thanks guys...vRoom vRoom

My Best Friend

I never meant to love you,
it happened quite by chance,
I wanted just to be your friend,
not to start a new romance.
But something happened suddenly,
before my heart could know,
I came to know a side of you,
that caused my love to grow.
The tender way you touched me,
I pray will never end,
a miracle of circumstance,
my lover, my best friend!
"Author Unknown"

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Fall 2008

"Bejarano Business"

With the fall season upon us, we are like mother nature.
Like she layers the ground with pine needles, leaves to
Warm up for the crisp cold coming upon us. We do, too!
It's time to break out the long sleeves, pants, and jackets!

Starting with James. He still enjoys both his day &
Evening job. During the day he is still repairing each &
Every vehicle that rolls into his stall. The smiles still there,
When he's closing the ol' toolbox & hops into his ol' 1967
Ford Truck to drive home. Evening rolls around & his
Passion, a father begins as soon as he walks thru the door.
A loving husband & daddy are just part of his title.

Brenda, still active as a Pampered Chef Consultant,
Bunco playing as well as staying home doing the
Cooking, cleaning & caring for our lil' blessings. It's
Happiness & I love it!

Nathaniel, he is growing and enjoying life. His days
In school have just begun with much learning, counting,
Singing & saying these phrases that makes our eyes shine.
What a joy as a son as well as a big brother, "D"!

Isabel, she is full of life with her little legs a walking slowly
& quickly at times not to miss out on anything. She loves
Waving goodbye to all that pass by, her eyes so bright,
Full of learning, and new discoveries, too! A younger sister
& daughter is her title proudly worn with a sweet sincere smile.

Sparky, he loves sleeping & laying out during the day
In the warm sun. He is joyfully tugged on, hugged on &
Used as a toy by the children. Love of life = Sleep!
Every 3 months, 1 month late with new pictures,
Sorry for being late although there it is our
Autumn/Fall 2008 Updated!

God Bless with Love,

James, Brenda, Nathaniel, Isabel & Sparky Bejarano

Thursday, October 16, 2008

:::Bus Stop:::

Nathaniel rides the bus and loves it. His bus driver, Pat probably thinks every day...what was I thinking?

Isabel is lil' miss thinking she owns the ROAD while brother gets to get on although the crying stopped a few days after she realized it's not going to change. She looks forward to him coming off the bus so they can PLAY!

Fall has entered the White Mountains! It is freezing in the morning when we head to the bus stop, like 32! Yes, most days it is below that so the Bejarano's are Bundled aka. "Bejarano Bandits!"

!Such a Doll-baby!

Isabel is such a doll-baby! She is very petite and her movements are like minature! Her little independance is coming through her personality each morning as we walk to Nathaniel's bus stop. She doesn't want to be in the stroller or have her hand held cuz she can do it!

Her 12" little legs just moving all around all the time, she loves getting into everything, crawling and climbing onto the totes is her favorite thing to do right now. Great-Grandma "Bel" Isabel's coffee table has been her adventure lately. You just turn for a second and there she is right in front of you ON TOP of the coffee table walking!

All of us just look at her as not to scare her and make her fall, this little doll-baby! Her last visit in September she was weighing in at 16lbs 10oz which is low for her age although for her it is perfect says the BEST doctor! Just keep on feeding her...28 3/4 inches is her length so I often think well that's big you know and than I see her lil' legs they can't be over one foot long! She is wearing a size 2 shoe and 6/9 month clothing so that is a major thing for us. She graduated from the 6 month clothing which puts a smile on our face. Her older brother, Nathaniel gets a bit on defense when hearing people say she's little. He normally responds, "yes my baby sister. She's perfect!" After we heard that a couple of times it was like, wow!

A little bit protective already and hey that's what life is all about, right? She's our doll-baby and yes she is growing also although her frame we all know is petite! We love all of her and her little voice is just so sweet and funny! She can make the funniest, "vRoom vRoom" with brother's cars while playing and that just puts our hearts full of happiness as any parents do with their own.

...til later Smiles n' (((Hugs)))

A Moment of Growth!

So...Nathaniel is a rambuxious lil' guy who loves challenging his boundaries. He is an active 5 year old in Kindergarten. I knew this year was going to be a little bit rough when it was his turn to actually go to school and become a "big boy" in Kindergarten. It was great on the 1st day of school, Isabel and I took him in and I thought, "this isn't that bad...pretty easy, actually." Well when I was just watching him he turned to me and said, "Mom...you can leave now!" That was the moment tears came from nowhere and started flowing like the Hoover Dam running over! I couldn't believe that he was independent enough to be on his own.

I just kept thinking, "how am I supposed to protect him?" He's in school now making all these decisions on his own. I know it is a mother's norm to see them as their little bundle of joy growing up. NO WAY! Well when Reality hits it's like WOWZA! Yes they grow up and another chapter of life begins, right?

Yes, we all know it as hard as it seems we just have to adjust and be their unconditional support with love! That is what "we" parents are to do...BELIEVE...Have FAITH!

Well he's been attending Show Low Primary School being in Kindergarten in Ms. Hardy's class and loving life. Active still = YES! Well this evening after reading and he was in bed, I went to watch my show. Grey's Anatomy it was great well routine has it that I go check on the children make sure they are covered and in bed without play and "sweet dreams" extra lil' butterfly kisses, because PRAISE THE LORD FOR OUR LIL' BLESSINGS! We just can't THANK GOD enough for them...

As I was walking out Nathaniel's room, I glanced at his lil' Cars desk to see the "Book It Program" list where he wrote the books we have read to him each evening and WATERWORKS again. It was such an amazing moment to me to view that little paper with Nathaniel's handwriting on it. He is 5 1/2 and is growing up!

I shouldn't be worried just have happiness throughout that we are providing a great foundation that he has the morals and values to make good decisions in life. There he lay with his "buddy" sleeping so soundly dreaming I'm sure of lots of dirt to play in with cars all around into his dealership or racetrack.

My baby is growing up and that was my moment of growth this evening! More to come...fore sure!!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Fall 2008

With the leaves changing in color getting ready to drop and cover the ground, the season is all about change. We, the Bejarano family are doing the same. Let's see to introduce us to you...James (honey-bunches) Brenda (mommy-bunches) Nathaniel (Nate-the-Skate) Isabel (Izzi-Bunches) live in the White Mountains, Show Low to be exact.

James works at Horne Auto Center, Senior Master Subaru & GM World Class Mechanic. Brenda stays at home with Isabel as well as running her Pampered Chef business. www.pamperedchef.biz/buzzinbee and helping others as much as possible. Nathaniel, Kindergartener here at Show Low Primary in Ms. Hardy's class is a very active lil' guys. Isabel, 16 months in the "screaming" and "cutsie" stage getting to know her limits with everyone.

We are excited about the fall coming about and look forward to the drive to see the gorgeous colors in the mountains. I hear they are already changing. Fall Festival weekend is coming upon us and WOWZA! Yeah...