Thursday, October 16, 2008

:::Bus Stop:::

Nathaniel rides the bus and loves it. His bus driver, Pat probably thinks every day...what was I thinking?

Isabel is lil' miss thinking she owns the ROAD while brother gets to get on although the crying stopped a few days after she realized it's not going to change. She looks forward to him coming off the bus so they can PLAY!

Fall has entered the White Mountains! It is freezing in the morning when we head to the bus stop, like 32! Yes, most days it is below that so the Bejarano's are Bundled aka. "Bejarano Bandits!"

!Such a Doll-baby!

Isabel is such a doll-baby! She is very petite and her movements are like minature! Her little independance is coming through her personality each morning as we walk to Nathaniel's bus stop. She doesn't want to be in the stroller or have her hand held cuz she can do it!

Her 12" little legs just moving all around all the time, she loves getting into everything, crawling and climbing onto the totes is her favorite thing to do right now. Great-Grandma "Bel" Isabel's coffee table has been her adventure lately. You just turn for a second and there she is right in front of you ON TOP of the coffee table walking!

All of us just look at her as not to scare her and make her fall, this little doll-baby! Her last visit in September she was weighing in at 16lbs 10oz which is low for her age although for her it is perfect says the BEST doctor! Just keep on feeding her...28 3/4 inches is her length so I often think well that's big you know and than I see her lil' legs they can't be over one foot long! She is wearing a size 2 shoe and 6/9 month clothing so that is a major thing for us. She graduated from the 6 month clothing which puts a smile on our face. Her older brother, Nathaniel gets a bit on defense when hearing people say she's little. He normally responds, "yes my baby sister. She's perfect!" After we heard that a couple of times it was like, wow!

A little bit protective already and hey that's what life is all about, right? She's our doll-baby and yes she is growing also although her frame we all know is petite! We love all of her and her little voice is just so sweet and funny! She can make the funniest, "vRoom vRoom" with brother's cars while playing and that just puts our hearts full of happiness as any parents do with their own.

...til later Smiles n' (((Hugs)))

A Moment of Growth!

So...Nathaniel is a rambuxious lil' guy who loves challenging his boundaries. He is an active 5 year old in Kindergarten. I knew this year was going to be a little bit rough when it was his turn to actually go to school and become a "big boy" in Kindergarten. It was great on the 1st day of school, Isabel and I took him in and I thought, "this isn't that bad...pretty easy, actually." Well when I was just watching him he turned to me and said, " can leave now!" That was the moment tears came from nowhere and started flowing like the Hoover Dam running over! I couldn't believe that he was independent enough to be on his own.

I just kept thinking, "how am I supposed to protect him?" He's in school now making all these decisions on his own. I know it is a mother's norm to see them as their little bundle of joy growing up. NO WAY! Well when Reality hits it's like WOWZA! Yes they grow up and another chapter of life begins, right?

Yes, we all know it as hard as it seems we just have to adjust and be their unconditional support with love! That is what "we" parents are to do...BELIEVE...Have FAITH!

Well he's been attending Show Low Primary School being in Kindergarten in Ms. Hardy's class and loving life. Active still = YES! Well this evening after reading and he was in bed, I went to watch my show. Grey's Anatomy it was great well routine has it that I go check on the children make sure they are covered and in bed without play and "sweet dreams" extra lil' butterfly kisses, because PRAISE THE LORD FOR OUR LIL' BLESSINGS! We just can't THANK GOD enough for them...

As I was walking out Nathaniel's room, I glanced at his lil' Cars desk to see the "Book It Program" list where he wrote the books we have read to him each evening and WATERWORKS again. It was such an amazing moment to me to view that little paper with Nathaniel's handwriting on it. He is 5 1/2 and is growing up!

I shouldn't be worried just have happiness throughout that we are providing a great foundation that he has the morals and values to make good decisions in life. There he lay with his "buddy" sleeping so soundly dreaming I'm sure of lots of dirt to play in with cars all around into his dealership or racetrack.

My baby is growing up and that was my moment of growth this evening! More to come...fore sure!!