Sunday, June 14, 2009

Bikes 2009

Wednesday June 10, 2009 Nathaniel took off on his bike without training wheels and so excited kept going. He is doing great and thanks all to daddy for the encouragement and his turning 6! What a milestone, June 2nd he turned six receiving the scooter which he got on and went right away with one wheel in front of another... ROLL ON SHALL WE SAY, he doesn't want to stop or take breaks. He has been a couple times around the block which is pushing it although he feels like the freedom should be there ...he's still our little baby boy, growing up way to quickly. Proud parents we are...

So, yes little sister had to watch and cheer him on! She's so cute and wanted to be just like brother so we allowed her to try the tricycle & all the safety gear too! He used to ride and loved just the preparation as her little legs don't quite reach the pedals... all SMILES~!

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